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Somalia Marks 67th Anniversary of Its Blue Flag

Somalia Marks 67th Anniversary of Its Blue Flag

On October 12, 1954, the Somali flag was hoisted for the very first time, marking the end of colonisation and the reunification of regions that were separately being ruled by Italy and Britain.

In a brief statement, Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble congratulated Somalis around the globe as the country marks the 67th anniversary of their flag’s creation.

''Congratulations to the Somali people on our national day on October 12th, which falls on this day 67 years ago. May our flag be high and may Somali sovereignty last. I also congratulate the heroes who fought to defend the Flag and the soil,'' 

The five points on the ‘Star of Unity’, the flag’s main feature, represent the five Somali ethnic groups found in Djibouti, the Ogaden region in Ethiopia, the North Eastern Province in Kenya, and former British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland territories in present-day Somalia.”

The flag was designed by Mohammed Awale Liban. Upon reunification of Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland, the flag was used for the nascent Somali Republic and has been in use ever since 1954.

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