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Somalia’s army chief visits Kismayo
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Somalia’s army chief visits Kismayo

A high-level delegation led by Somalia’s army chief, Gen.Odawaa Rage has arrived in the coastal town of Kismayo on Friday. The army chief, Odawaa Yusuf Ragehand his delegation were welcomed at the airport by the Jubaland state security minister Yusuf Osman Dhumaal. ''A delegation led by the Commander of the Somali National Army Gen. Odowa Yusuf Rage has arrived in Kismayo, the headquarters of the Jubbaland state,'' Somali Military said in a statement After the reception, the Commander's delegation was escorted to the Jubbaland State House where they were welcomed by the President of Jubbaland State Ahmed Mohamed Islam. The official visit of the Chief of Somali National Army Brigadier General Odowaa is said to the interim Jubaland capital Kismayo for a general headcount of the Somali National Armed forces there and coordinate the rebuilding of the former base for the Somali Navy and Coast Guard.

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