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ASWJ fighters take control of Guri’el town

ASWJ fighters take control of Guri’el town

Ahlu Sunna Waljama'a (ASWJ) have taken control of Guriel town in Dhusamareb the administrative capital of Galmudug state on Friday.

According residents, Ahlu Sunna fighters took over the town after hours of gunfight between the regional state army and the Ahlu Sunna fighters.

Both sides are believed to have sustained casualties.

Some police officials in the region joined Ahlu-Sunna on Thursday.

Last week, Galmudug's government refuted reports that Ahlu Sunna  fighters were in Central Somalia.

ASWJ surrendered to government forces after they were overpowered in a battle with government forces in February, 2020.

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