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Famous Somali Comedian 'Ajakis' dies in Mogadishu

Famous Somali Comedian 'Ajakis' dies in Mogadishu

The famous Somali Comedian Abdi Muridi (Ajakis) has died in the capital Mogadishu on Monday Morning.

The death of the deceased was confirmed to the media by some of his relatives and Universal TV with whom he worked.

"Comedian Abdi Muriidi Dheere (Ajakis) who was one of Universal TV's operatives has died in Mogadishu," a statement from Universal Television's management read in part.

Abdi Muridi Dheere (Ajakis) was in hospital in the past three days following a sudden illness, at his residence in Mogadishu,'' 

 Leaders including prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble condole with the family of the comedian.

''May God have mercy on ] Abdi Muriidi Dheere alias Ajakis who passed away today in Mogadishu. My condolences to the family of the deceased, his friends,'' the prime minister said in a Twitter post.

Abdi Muriidi, also known as Ajakis, was a popular comedian who was famous for his witty, effortless jokes. He was not like any of the other comedians; he had a presence, both online and offline, which leaved his audience wanting more.

From a young age Ajakis would enjoy watching Somali comedians, however, he never thought he would become one. 

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