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Former Spy Chief Returns To Mogadishu From Turkey

Former Spy Chief Returns To Mogadishu From Turkey

Somali National Security Advisor and former National Intelligence and Security Agency chief Fahad Yasin returned Tuesday to Somalia from Turkey on a private jet. Speaking to Dalsan TV, Ali Abdi Wardhere (Ali Yare), Banadir regional deputy security commissioner said Fahad returned to the capital accompanied by senior NISA officials and pointed out that they were on a mission abroad. Turkish Airlines flight carrying Yasin was diverted from Djibouti and forced to return to Istanbul on Friday after authorities in Somalia informed that it could not land at Mogadishu airport. Abdirashid Mohamed Hashi, head of communications at Farmajo's office, accused the Djiboutian government of arresting Fahad Yasin, calling the move illegal, and could damage the relations between the two countries. Djiboutian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf has immediately denied the allegations from Farmajo's office as baseless and unfounded claims, adding that the Turkish plane with all its passengers, included Fahad Yasin. "All passengers onboard of today’s Turkish flight to Mogadishu will go back to Istanbul to embark on another flight to Mogadishu," said Youssouf in a Twitter post on Friday.

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