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AMISOM officers trained on civilian protection

AMISOM officers trained on civilian protection

Kenyan troops serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in Kismayo have undergone a refresher training on Civilian Protection during military operations.  The training, which covered International Humanitarian Law, specifically the protection of women and children, conflict-related sexual violence and gender-based violence, was to reinforce the knowledge and skills of the troops on the need to protect civilians.  “The purpose of this training is to ensure our troops continue to mainstream protection issues in their daily operations by protecting women, children and all vulnerable groups within their areas of responsibility ” said the lead trainer and AMISOM Protection Officer, Gloria Jase.  The AMISOM Police Gender Officer in Kismayo, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Grace Nutsugah, noted such trainings will be constant and consistent to remind troops and also help them understand the need to protect civilian populations during military operations.  “In all their duties, AMISOM troops are to observe all international obligations. They are also tasked with preventing conflict-related violence, that mainly affects women in the communities, so that they can assist the victims and refer them for appropriate remedies,” CIP Nutsugah said.       A Kenyan soldier based in Kismayo who participated in the training, Sergeant Daniel Mahenia, said the course was beneficial, particularly the modules on the protection of civilians. “It was very informative. We have yet again been reminded of our responsibilities to vulnerable groups, including women, children, elders and the disabled,” said Sergeant Mahenia. Training on the protection of civilians is mandatory for all AMISOM personnel. 

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