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A famous Somali football fan, Abukar Omar, dies aged 60

A famous Somali football fan, Abukar Omar, dies aged 60

A prominent Somali football fan, Abukar Said Omar, who until his death had the record of Somalia's most famous football fan, has died at his home in Mogadishu before dawn on Thursday morning.

The late Omar who was famed for his nickname "Awbaari”, was the most ardent football fan in the country’s football history. He was born in Mogadishu on 1st of February 1961. He has been a fan of the Somali Police-owned Heegan Sports Club, for decades.

On Thursday morning, the late football fan was laid to rest at the Somali police cemeteries in Mogadishu. Top football officials including Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, officials from football stakeholders, coaches, players and football fans attended the late Omar’s funeral earlier on the day.

"During the 90 minutes of the match, the team playing against us is our enemy. We are fighting, but the fighting doesn’t mean we are killing each other. We only fight for the ball to gain victory, but we are all friends and football family members” the late Awbaari was quoted as saying during the last footballing season.

With Awbaari’s death, decades of his enthusiasm for the beautiful games has ended there, but his remembrance will remain in the minds of Somali football family members.


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