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Southwest elects three more senators

Southwest elects three more senators

The Southwest state of Somalia has today elected three more senators to complete number as the race to elect new legislators in the country’s bicameral Parliament heats up. Hassan Hussein Haji Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi, Somalia's defence minister, won the first seat in today's election in Baidoa with 74 votes, with Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi receiving 14 votes. Ali Sheikh Mohamud Ga'al and Abdikadir Abdi Ahmed battled for the second seat in today's election in Baidoa and Ali Sheikh Mohamud Ga'al won with 68 votes while his rival Abdikadir Ali Ahmed received 22 votes. Abdiweli Mohamed Ibrahim and Abdullahi Robow Mohamed contested the last seat, Abdiweli Mohamed Ibrahim with 68 votes while Abdullahi Robow Mohamed received 18, and 2 votes were reportedly lost. Southwest state is the second state after Puntland state elected its all 11 senators including three women who will join the Upper House of the 11th Parliament.  

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