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Ship escapes piracy attempt in Somalia

Ship escapes piracy attempt in Somalia

A ship has escaped pirates off the coast of Somalia the UK Maritime Trade Organisation reported on its website on Friday. According to UKMTO, the incident happened about 100 nautical miles northeast of Mogadishu. It also said both the crew and the ship were safe without giving further details. After the collapse of the Somali government and the dispersal of the Somali Navy, international fishing vessels began to conduct illegal fishing in Somali territorial waters.  In January, the Centre reported a bulk carrier was chased by a skiff with armed pirates and ladders in the western Gulf of Aden, but the attackers aborted after warning shots from the ship’s security team. Zero incidents were reported in the region in 2020. Somali pirates have attacked hundreds of vessels in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean region, though most attacks do not result in a successful hijacking. Most of these attacks occurred in the Gulf of Aden but subsequently the pirates increased their range and started attacking ships as far south as off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean.

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