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"I Am Not Fighting Farmaajo" PM Roble Says

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has said he is on good terms with the head of the state Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. Speaking to some Somali businessmen and community members in Nairobi, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said he reached a presidential ban on agreements with foreign entities during the election period. “There is no disagreement. You have seen my statements and the president’s as well. I have not attacked or disagreed with anyone. Without a leadership agreement, the country will fall apart, so the president and I are in agreement. We have a duty to bring the country to a peaceful election,” PM Roble told the community. The premier also noted that he is not in Nairobi to sign an agreement on khat issues and the maritime border dispute and said that a commission had been appointed to look into all matters between the two neighbouring countries. "My visit to Kenya is aimed at improving relations between the two neighbouring countries. I'm not in Kenya to sign anything," he added. Last Saturday, Farmaajo’s decree forbade government ministries and other institutions from entering memorandums of understanding or talks that can impact the future of the country but PM Roble responded to the decree and called on his cabinet to 'proceed with business as usual.

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