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UN Security Council To Hold Somalia Meeting Today

UN Security Council To Hold Somalia Meeting Today

The UN Security Council is set on Thursday, August 12, 2021, to meet to discuss Somalia's current situation. The conference will focus on Somalia's electoral process, some of which has already begun, and issues such as floods. Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia James Swan and AMISOM Chief of Mission Ambassador Francisco Madeira will brief the Conference Members. ''United Nations Security Council will convene today to discuss the situation in Somalia. SRSG James Swan and Head of AMISOM Somalia Fransisco Madeira will brief the UNSC meeting,'' UN Assistance Mission in Somalia said in a Twitter post. Representatives of the United Nations who will attend the crucial address will discuss the promise to make the Federal Government support the security and elections. Today's UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Somalia comes at a time when the country is in the process of holding elections and the selection of members of the Upper House has begun. Somalia's presidential election is scheduled for October 10, 2021.

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