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Puntland State Elects Senators 

Puntland State Elects Senators 

The regional state lawmakers of Puntland has elected new senators to represent the country in the federal parliament. Former senator Abdirahman Farole retained his seat in the Upper House of Somali parliament with 54 votes while his challenger Mohamed Osman Olad received 11 votes. Mohamed Ali Yusuf Gaagaab was also elected to the Upper House after his opponent Kawsar Abdullahi Hirsi dropped out of the election.  Also, Puntland Minister of Ports Mohamed Majino was declared the winner after his opponent Mohamed Gedi Mohamud dropped out of the race. Puntland is the third federal member state to begin the long-delayed Upper House elections. Puntland president Abdullahi Deni had released the list of candidates who are contesting in the senate elections on Monday

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