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Deni Unveils List of Puntland Upper House Candidates

Deni Unveils List of Puntland Upper House Candidates

Somalia’s Jubaland state president Said Abdullahi Deni has released candidates for the senate seats. Each seat will be contested by two candidates. Seats number 8, 10 and 11 have been reserved for women only in an effort to meet the 30% threshold for female candidates. It is expected that the Puntland State Electoral Commission to announce the date for the election of the Upper House of the Puntland Parliament today. Read below the list of candidates for the Senate race: 1- Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Faroole) Maxamed Cusmaan Colaad 2- Mohamed Ali Yusuf (Gaagaab) Kawsar Abbdulahi Hirsi 3- Mohamed Abdi Osman Mohamed Gedi Mohamud 4- Abdulahi Ali Hirsi Abdullahi Mohamed Hashi Nuur 5- Abdisamad Yusuf Mohamed (Abwaan) Ismail Mire Muumin 6- Daahir Ayanle Said Mohamed Omar Mohamed 7- Farhan Ali Husein Hodan Ishaq Mohamed 8- Saynab Ismaiil Mohamed Amina Jama Ibrahim 9- Abdiqani Gelle Mohamed Abduqadir Mohamad Yusuf 10- Samiiro Mohamud Haji Awad Naima Ahmed Bakar 11- Saredo Mohamed Hasan Fartuun Yusuf Jama    

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