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Galmudug State Interior Security Minister Tours Recently Liberated Camaara Town

Galmudug State Interior Security Minister Tours Recently Liberated Camaara Town

Galmudug State Interior Minister Ahmed Maalim Fiqi has called on the public to take part in the fight against Al-Shabaab to win against the militants. Galmudug Interior Security Minister was speaking during his tour to the recently liberated Camaara town which was among areas captured from the militants Monday by the Somali military backed by Galmudug forces said the forces attacked Al-Shabaab fighters from different directions. "I thank the mothers who donated their livestock and those who brought food from Galkayo, Adado and other places. I also thank the clerics who worked with us to liberate Camaara,'' said Galmudug Interior Security Minister Fiqi. Fiqi said the operation to liberate the areas that were under the militant group Al-Shabaab was planed for over a month. He also said that the achievements made so far were a great honour to Somali National Army (SNA) and to the Galmudug forces. The visit by the regional interior minister comes as the Somali national army backed by Galmudug regional forces intensified operation to weed out the militants in the Mudug region. The forces said they killed over one hundred Al-Shabaab fighters in the ongoing operations in the Mudug region in which they liberated key areas in the east and south of Qaycad location. Al-Shabaab which is linked to Al-Qaeda is fighting to topple the Somali government for over a decade and has been staging attacks on military and major cities and deadly bomb blasts in the past few months.

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