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Somali Army Captures Key Areas In Mudug Region

Somali Army Captures Key Areas In Mudug Region

Somali National Army (SNA) backed by Galmudug's regional paramilitary forces have liberated key areas in Qaycad in the Mudug region in an operation on Monday. Ahmed Fiqi, Galmudug State Interior Minister, said that forces recovered weapons, noting that the  operation is still ongoing. “We have completely taken control of some key areas in the east and south of Qaycad location in which the militants were trying to secure in recent days. We recovered about 20 guns, communication equipment and other materials this morning,” the minister said in a statement. In a statement, the Somali military claimed killing over one hundred Al-Shabaab militants in operations conducted in Camara, Qayacad, Qodqod Wisil and other areas in the Mudug region in the past days. Over recent weeks, the Somali military has intensified its offensive against al-Shabaab, which is linked to the al-Qaeda terror group, in the country’s southern and central regions.    

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