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Jubaland Senatorial Polls Set For Thursday

Jubaland Senatorial Polls Set For Thursday

Jubaland state of Somalia has announced the Senate elections to kick Thursday following the completion of the process.

In a statement from Jubbaland leader, Ahmed Madobe to the Chairpersons of the Jubbaland Federal and State Government Committees has announced the list of candidates for the Jubbaland Upper House.

Three out of the four nominees are former-senators, including Abdullahi Ismail Fartaag and Iftin Baasto who are seeking re-election.

Regional state parliaments will pick the 54 seats of Somalia’s Senate and Lower House legislators will be elected by 27,775 clan delegates.

Below is the list of candidates for the four seats, which have a total of 9 members, and how they will run, is as follows:

1- Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail Fartag and Ahmed Mohamed Jama.

2- Halimo Jama Mohamed and Abdirizak Mohamed Osman

3- Ilyas Badal Gaboose, Mohamed Ahmed Sayid and Sharmarke Mohamed Abdi

4- Ibrahim Yaqub Ismail and Iftin Hassan Iman.

The four seats handed over by the Jubbaland president today are among the 8 seats that Jubbaland has in the Upper House, and the list of candidates for the other 4 seats is still pending.

Jubbaland is the first state to submit the list of candidates for the Upper House, as the Jubbaland State Electoral Commission today released a new timetable.

The committee has set July 27 as the date for announcing the names of the candidates and the timetable, which is due to be submitted before 6:00 pm.


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