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Controversial Scholar Calls On Somalis To Take Pride In Tigray War

Controversial Scholar Calls On Somalis To Take Pride In Tigray War "Involvement"

WHY PROF. INGIRIIS BACKS ALLEGED SOMALIA INVOLVEMENT IN TIGRAY WAR? Controversial history scholar Prof. Mohamed Haji Ingiriis has said Somalia should take pride in its soldier's involvement in Ethiopia's Tigray war. The London and Mogadishu based scholar known for his critic of the president Farmaajo administration says lòoks at SNA involvement in Tigray war as a "payback time" for past alleged atrocities by the past TPLF led Ethiopia army on the 2007 invasion of Mogadishu. "TPLF has been intervening in Somalia local issues in the last 30 years and they are responsible for this clan federalism they designed," Prof.Haji said in a tv interview “If it's true then it’s great to see our brave Somali soldiers fight across the border specially TPLF for their involvement in the atrocities during their Mogadishu invasion, “ Prof Haji said "TPLF was an enemy of Somalia. Àbiy from the Oromo have at least some respect for Somalia as treating it as a sovereign country" Prof Haji said Prof Haji claims TPLF has a long term strategic plan for Somalia "TPLF wanted an unstable Somalia. Now we see a new Ethiopia. We should welcome this" A UN report has alleged SNA involvement in the Tigray war. A series of protests were staged in Somalia by parents claiming their sons had gone missing after they were sent to fight in Tigray after military training in Eritrea.

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