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PM Roble welcomes elections commission timetable

PM Roble welcomes elections commission timetable

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has welcomed the election timetable by the Federal Election Implementation Team for both houses, "I welcome and commend the schedule announced by the Electoral Commission, which outlines in detail the timing and format of the Upper House and the House of the People of the Federal Parliament of Somalia," said Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. Prime Minister Roble thanked the state governments for their efforts and urged them to speed up the implementation of the elections. "The people of Somalia are waiting for a peaceful, transparent, free and fair election, which will take place on time, so we must work together to implement this important task without delay," said Prime Minister Roble. The Premier also thanked the international community for its role in bringing peace and state-building to Somalia and called on them to support the electoral process. The electoral commission on Friday released the timetable for both houses for upcoming elections with elections. According to the new timetable the Uppers elections will be held between July 25-28 and results will be announced between Sept 20 to Oct 5 and the legislators MPs will be sworn in on Oct 7. According to the May 27 Agreement, 101 delegates will elect one MP meaning 27,775 delegates will elect the 275 MPs. The FMS parliaments will elect the 64 Senators who, together will together with the 275 MPs elect a new president in a joint session.

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