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Young Recruit Who 'Escaped'  Eritrea Training Camp Dies In Somalia

Young Recruit Who 'Escaped' Eritrea Training Camp Dies In Somalia

A youngman who reportedly escaped military training in Eritrea has died in Afgoye district 30 kilometres from the capital Mogadishu. Abdulmalik Abdullahi Haji in his mid-20s was stabbed after a scuffle escalated with his friend and allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed him and succumbed to his injuries. Abdulmalik was among thousands of Somali soldiers sent to Eritrea for training but reportedly fought in Ethiopia's war in Tigray. He was among 12 Somali recruits who escaped training camp in Eritrea, in May this year. Hundreds of families in have been protesting in many parts of the country in the past months demanding the federal government to answers on the whereabouts of their children. A report by the United Nations report alleged that recruits of the Somalia National Army participated alongside the Eritrean army in the Tigray region in what can be termed as an illegal international military operation. The allegations were denied by the Somali government saying there are no Somali troops inside the troubled region.

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