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Mogadishu Police Boss Escapes Suicide Bombing

Mogadishu Police Boss Escapes Suicide Bombing

Mogadishu Police Chief, Col. Farhan Mohamud Adan, on Saturday survived after an explosion targeting his convoy occurred in Benadir junction in Mogadishu. Speaking to the media Somali Police Spokesman Sadiq Adan said the attack four people including the guards of the police boss died in the attack. Nine other people were also wounded. ''Al-Shabaab suicide car bomber targeting the colonel killed four people and wounded nine others,'' Somali Police Spokesman Sadiq Adan said. At the blast scene, the powerful explosion destroyed vehicles and other properties in the street. Al-Shabaab group claimed responsibility for the attack saying their target was the Mogadishu police boss. Farhan was appointed in April after former Mogadishu police boss Sadaq John was fire after he tried to suspend the parliament session in Mogadishu. Today’s attack comes a week after an Al-Shabaab militants suicide bomber blew himself at a busy teashop near the NISA headquarters killing at least fifteen people.  

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