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Int'l partners warn Somali stakeholders of election delays 

Int'l partners warn Somali stakeholders of election delays 

The international partners on Monday welcomed the successful conclusion of the National Consultative Council (NCC) meeting on 29 June and commend Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and the Federal Member State leaders for their constructive discussions. The partners including the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations among other Western countries called on the parties to abide by the agreement without delay, to move forward, and to hold a mutually agreed-upon election in the country. ''We note the NCC took important decisions on the election timetable and the role of the Technical Election Support Team and its expansion to include Federal Member State representatives,'' international partners said in a statement. ''We welcome the decision to halve registration fees for women candidates and look forward to further steps to secure the agreed 30 percent quota for women’s representation,'' We call on all stakeholders, including the election management bodies, to proceed diligently to deliver on their responsibilities and commitments without delay. We encourage the Somali leaders to continue regular, constructive, and cooperative dialogue throughout the electoral process to resolve any issues that may arise.  We are convinced that a swift, peaceful, and credible electoral process will help return Somalia to the path of stability and prosperity. Somalia’s international partners remain ready to support. 

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