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5-year-old beaten to death by stepfather in Mogadishu

5-year-old beaten to death by stepfather in Mogadishu

A 5-year-old boy died on Sunday after allegedly being beaten up and thrashed by his stepfather in Mogadishu. Naima Abshir, the mother of the child said her son was beaten by an electric wire after she went to the hospital. ''My husband called me and told me my child was dead after he had difficulty in breathing,'' Naima said. She said when she came home she checked her son and found out he had a swelled face bruises on his body. The child's grandfather Hassan Dhiblaawe Farah said the stepfather has admitted to having killed the child. ''He admitted he killed my grandson in front of us and in the presence of his family members,'' Dhiblaawe. He also requested the stepdad handed a death sentence once he appears before the court. It is not yet known why the stepdad gave the child a serious beating which led to the fatality of the boy.

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