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First Somali Woman To Compete in Boxing At Olympics

First Somali Woman To Compete in Boxing At Olympics

Somalia’s Ramla Ali makes history again, becoming the first woman from her country to compete in boxing at the Olympic Games. Ali announced on Twitter today that she had qualified for the Games. She is the first-ever Somali woman to box professionally with a record of 3-0. With the Olympics starting this month, teams are forming up and Somalia has their representatives now. Along with Ramla Ali, Munirah Warsame will be the other athlete to compete in combat sports for Somalia, specifically Taekwondo. Ali will not be able to travel with her full team, according to the thread on Twitter. But, her husband will be with her in her corner. Win or lose, Ali simply appearing in the Olympic Games is a great step forward for Somalia boxing.

About Ramla Ali

If you don’t know about Ramla Ali, you should. In addition to over 75 fights professionally and amateur, Ali is a model and a racial equality activist. In her amateur career, she managed to win the 2015 Novice National Championships in England, the 2016 England Boxing Elite Championships, and the 2019 African Zone featherweight title. She moved to England from Somalia as a teen and took up boxing. Since then, she’s been signed by Anthony Joshua’s boxing promotion and more. Her modeling career has been very in depth as well. She’s been on the cover of several magazines including British Vogue, the Wall Street Journal, Guardian Observer and more. Ramla Ali is also having a drama based on her life moving from Somalia to England and taking up boxing. Boxing in the Olympic Games start on July 24th and run through August 8th. Stay posted to My MMA News for all the latest coverage surrounding Ramla Ali and her run through the Olympics as well as coverage from more boxing, judo, Taekwondo, karate, and wrestling.