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AMISOM Sector 5 commander visits troops on the frontline

AMISOM Sector 5 commander visits troops on the frontline

The commander of the Burundi contingent in the African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM, Brig Gen. Télesphore Barandereka, has completed a visit to the frontlines and interacted with troops undertaking operations against the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. Brig. Gen. Barandereka visited more than 10 Forward Operating Bases, FOBs, located in the Middle Shabelle region, the Burundi AMISOM contingent’s area of responsibility under Sector 5. Brig. Gen. Barandereka visited FOBs in Jowhar, Ceel Egelow, Balad, Ceel Macaan along the Indian Ocean coastline north of Mogadishu city, Bio Cadale, Maslah and Qorilow, among others. During the visit that started on 7 June and concluded on 15 June, Brig Gen. Barandereka met field commanders to discuss operations and addressed the troops to boost their morale. “I thank you for conducting joint operations with the Somali National Army and denying terrorists the freedom to attack civilians. As a result, you have foiled multiple attacks on Mogadishu and secured other areas, thus enabling Somalia to advance,’ Brig. Gen. Barandereka told troops in Maslah. Brig. Gen. Baranderaka urged the troops to remain vigilant against probing attacks by Al-Shabaab and adhere to the established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) against COVID-19. “I’m glad to note that you continue to adhere to the mission’s SOPs on COVID-19 by wearing masks, sanitising and observing social distancing even on the battlefield. AMISOM has rolled out vaccination, and I urge you to take the vaccine because it is safe,” the Sector 5 commander added.

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