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Somali Military kills Six Al-Shabaab Militants In Central Somalia

Somali Military kills Six Al-Shabaab Militants In Central Somalia

At least six Al-Shabab militants were killed on Sunday by Somali National Army (SNA) after clashing the region in central Somalia, a military officer confirmed on Monday.

Hussein Hassan, senior military operation told the media that the army launched an attack militants on the outskirts of Buloburte district in the Hiiraan region and inflicted casualties on them. "There was stiff resistance from the militants, but we overpowered them, killing six of them," Hussein said.

During the operation, the Somali military managed to recapture to Af-ad village and destroyed their hideouts according to Hussein.

Somali military has been staging attacks on Al-Shabab controlled areas.

The forces made significant gains against the group by capturing the towns that they had once controlled.

Al-Shabab militants have been fighting to overthrow Somalia’s government since 2006.

Southern and central regions of Somalia have seen clashes between government forces and al-Shabab since the militants were chased out of the capital Mogadishu in August 2011 by the allied forces.  .

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