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PM Roble Oversees Mogadishu SNA Troops Withdrawal After Opposition Talks

PM Roble Oversees Mogadishu SNA Troops Withdrawal After Opposition Talks

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has kicked off the demilitarization process in Mogadishu on Thursday evening.


Roble accompanied by senior government officials visited the reopening of the roadblocks established during the recent skirmishes in Mogadishu. “I had the pleasure to supervise the reopening of the streets and removal of barricades from the roads, as part of the implementation of yesterday's agreement to calm the situation, following the recent tensions.

May our capital enjoy peace, security, stability and prosperity,” PM said.

The move came a day after Somali Premier and the opposition held discussions and agreed on a process to withdraw forces from Mogadishu.

The agreement directed all security forces who entered Mogadishu as a result of the recent violence to be returned to their bases and be removed from the city within 48 hours.

Hundreds of Somali National Army soldiers allied to the opposition vacated their camps in Middle Shabelle late last month and moved to Mogadishu to reinforce opposition militias who had already massed up following heightened disputes between the opposition and the government.

On 25th of last month, rival SNA soldiers clashed in the capital following Somali lower house decision to extend the term of president Mohamed Abdullahi by two years.

The clashes forced over 60,000 people to flee from their houses in Mogadishu..

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