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President Farmaajo commends healthcare workers

President Farmaajo commends healthcare workers

Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo praised healthcare workers for their role in the fight against COVID-19 as cases mount in the Horn of African nation.

During a meeting with health workers including Health Minister Fowzia Abikar Nur at Villa Somalia Farmaajo highlighted the Government's efforts to improve health services in the country, and the significant achievements made in the control of the disease, while also focusing on the care of health workers.

“Our Medical workers remain Somalia's bighearted heroes and heroines for their strong-willed service to our citizens in the face of COVID19,” President Farmaajo said.

“On behalf of us all, I expressed our appreciation for their self-sacrificing acts. LETS US STAY SAFE, TO SAVE LIVES,”

Farmaajo reiterated his concern over the risk of new waves of the disease in the country, urging the public to get the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent the epidemic.

In the past 48 hours Somalia recorded 247 new Coronavirus cases raising the total number of confirmed cases to 14,368.

24 people succumbed to the virus raising fatalities to 745.