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PM Roble Names Poll Crisis Committee Ahead Of Talks

PM Roble Names Poll Crisis Committee Ahead Of Talks

Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has appointed a committee to resolve the recent crisis in Mogadishu. In a statement, Prime Minister Roble’s office said the move came after President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo handed over the leadership of the election and security last week. The committee consists of 11 members and includes the ministers of internal security, interior, and defence. The committee also has Members of Parliament. The 11-member committee has been selected from the government and the opposition and will advise on how to resolve the crisis in Mogadishu.  The statement also said the committee would work to resolve the root causes of the 25 April riots in Mogadishu.  The commission will also focus on repatriating military forces from Mogadishu to their bases in the Middle and Lower Shabelle regions.

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