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Universities In Mogadishu Closed Following last night’s clashes

Universities In Mogadishu Closed Following last night’s clashes

Universities in the capital city of Mogadishu have closed following clashes between Somali forces and opponents of incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.


The clashes broke out on Sunday when well-armed troops are protesting the controversial term extension that has exasperated the cracks in Somalia's security sector and worsened the political divide.

''All SIMAD University students are informed that the University is temporarily closed and exams have been postponed,'' Simad university said in a Facebook post.


Benadir University also decided to close down the institution due to the clashes in Mogadishu pointing out the "safety" of students as the reason for the closure.


''All Students, Teachers and Staff are hereby informed that on Monday 26-04-2021 the University is closed down until further notice,'' Benadir university said in a statement.


Calm has returned in the capital city following the clashes however tension remains in most parts of the country as soldiers can still be seeing patrolling strategic parts of the city.