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Farmaajo Seeks AU Mediation In Somalia Stalled Poll Talks

Farmaajo Seeks AU Mediation In Somalia Stalled Poll Talks

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo has called on African Union (AU) to lead efforts to mediate Somalia’s stakeholders to end political crisis.

In a statement, Farmajo said Somalia welcomes the AU to facilitate the talks to iron out the deadlock

The Statrment said Farmajo’s visit is aimed at strengthening diplomatic cooperation between the two countries and at the continental level in the areas of security, economy, poverty eradication and combating extremism.

“We discussed further strengthening our bilateral relations. We also discussed the key role African Union plays in the democratic development of Africa,” President Farmaajo said in a statement.

“I welcome African Union to take a leading role in facilitating an election process in which every citizen elects their representatives through free and fair elections. All Somali stakeholders will actively participate in the dialogue on the future of our democracy,” he added.