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SNA kills 25 al-Shabab militants in operation

SNA kills 25 al-Shabab militants in operation

military said it had killed 25 Al-Shabab fighters in an operation in Gambole in Hirshabelle State on Monday, a military officer confirmed.

Hassan Mohamed Osman, acting commander of US trained Danab forces said the troops said the operation was conducted in Gambole near Jowhar town and the army inflicted casualties on the militants.

He said that the army will intensify operations against other al-Shabab militants in the region.

Al-shabaab which once controlled large swath territories in central and southern Somalia was weakened following military operation against its fighters by Somali army backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops.

The group is still capable of carrying deadly attacks in major towns including the capital and military bases manned by SNA and AMISOM.

Government forces have intensified operations against al-Shabab, but the militants are still in control of the rural areas conducting ambushes and planting landmines.