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Somaliland Parades 4 Somalia Army Commanders

Somaliland Parades 4 Somalia Army Commanders "Defectors"

The break away region of Somaliland claims four Somali National Army (SNA) officials defectors have surrendered on Monday. According to Somaliland Military Commander Abdirizak Afgadud the four Somali military commanders trained by Turkey and US in abroad pleaded for pardon. "The four Somali military officials detectors have surrendered and asked for forgiveness and we welcome the move," Gen. Abdirazak said. Abdirazak described the surrender as a big blow for Somalia as they displayed certificates of the defector military officials. The four commanders claimed to have been brainwashed and regretted the move join the Somali military. The four were identified as Yusuf Mohamed Jama, Jabir Ismail Osman, Mohamud Ahmed Ali and Mohamed Hassan Hashi. Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia after 1991 civil war broke out but Mogadishu is yet to formally recognise it. Somaliland which is globally considered a semi-autonomous region of Somalia as they continue to push for international recognition till date.