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FGS-FMS  second-day consultative meeting continues in Mogadishu

FGS-FMS second-day consultative meeting continues in Mogadishu

The second round of a closed-door meeting between President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and regional state leaders alongside benadir governor and Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has kicked off in Mogadishu. The meeting which is being held at Afisyoni at the airport is reportedly being attended by international partners representative. On Thursday President Farmaajo urged regional state leaders and Benadir governor to attend a consultative meeting between the federal government and leaders of the federal member states (FMS) to discuss electoral issues ahead of polls. The opening of the consultation meeting opened yesterday as Farmaajo is under pressure over delayed elections. Elections meant for February have been delayed. Last week the United Nations security council urged Somali leaders to break the political impasse in the country. “They expressed concern over the ongoing impasse and called for Somalia’s leaders to engage in a constructive dialogue at the earliest opportunity without precondition to resolve outstanding issues on the legitimate basis of the 17 September agreement and the recommendations of the 16 February Baidoa Technical Committee,” the statement read.      

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