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Int’l community and FMS leaders hold talks in Mogadishu

Int’l community and FMS leaders hold talks in Mogadishu

Somalia's international partners have held a meeting with FMS leaders in Mogadishu to defuse the electoral stalemate on Monday in Mogadishu. The international partners hailed regional state leaders for the efforts to find a way out and compromise for the unprecedented electoral and political crisis in Somalia and proceed with talks for peaceful elections after attending today's meeting. “Pleased to be invited with other international partners to meet the five FMS leaders. ''We welcome collective FMS efforts to find a compromise so the FGS-FMS summit can proceed and put Somalia on course for elections based on 17 Sept. model,'' UN envoy James Swan, after today’s encounter. The international community comprising of US ambassador Donald Yamamoto, UN head in Somalia James Swan, AMISOM chief Francisco Madeira, UK ambassador Kate Foster and a representative of the EU delegation are pressing the leaders to end their political differences and hold elections in the country. UK ambassador to Somalia Kate foster hailed the continued efforts by FMS leaders to find a collective way forward and a commitment to elections. ''We encourage all to find a way forward to FGS-FMS summit and proceed with elections based on 17 Sept model.'' UK ambassador to Somalia said in a tweet. The regional state leaders have been in meeting since last Saturday to discuss the contentious issues that force the parliamentary and elections to be postponed. The regional state leaders have reportedly agreed to the resumption of the FGS-FMS talks which several times failed to kick-off as Puntland and Jubband states which are bitterly opposed to Farmaajo had table several pre-conditions.

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