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US Calls For An Immediate Elections In Somalia

US Calls For An Immediate Elections In Somalia

The US has called on leaders in Somalia to immediately hold elections “uphold their responsibilities to the people of Somalia”, amid deepening electoral crisis in the horn of African nation.

In statement, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday said “The United States supports the right of Somali citizens to protest peacefully and firmly opposes the use of violence by any party,”

“The current impasse undermines progress made to date, delays reforms urgently needed for Somalia to continue on the path to full debt relief, and hinders the fight against terrorism.” he said in a statement.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed who’s term ended last month and regional leaders had reached an agreement on September 17 which demolished one-person, one-vote elections.

But the leaders are still unable to resolve difference over how the polls are to be conducted.

On Thursday Somalia’s opposition candidates along with Jubaland and Puntland announced a national salvation council to counter incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and work toward preventing rigged polls.

The opposition leaders accuse Farmaajo of being an obstacle to a peaceful transition of power.

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