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SNA Nab Al-Shabaab Suspects in Lower Shabelle region

SNA Nab Al-Shabaab Suspects in Lower Shabelle region

Somali National Army (SNA) arrested six suspected Al-Shabaab militants in an operation conducted in Lower Shabelle officials confirmed.

Ali Abdullahi , commander of SNA’s 64th Unit division , said the forces successfully captured the militants believed to be behind several deadly attacks and killings in the region after gunfight.

The Commander said that the operations happened at Busley, Warta Mursal and Harbiga villages in Lower Shabelle region.

The commander did not comment on whether there were casualties on the SNA side during the operations.

Al-Shabaab militants often carry out attacks in Lower Shabelle region and n the capital Mogadishu despite the presence of heightened operations by SNA forces to weed out the militants.

The operation comes barely less than a week after Somali military killed 18 al-Shabab fghters and injured several others during operations in several locations in Lower Shabelle region.