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Manar: Why I Started An All-Female Staff Restaurant

Manar: Why I Started An All-Female Staff Restaurant

A women-only restaurant, with an all-female staff, was opened in Mogadishu as the world celebrated international women's day. Manar Moalim the brain behind the Ka Shekey restaurant said that she opened the  restaurant because of the high unemployment rate for women in the capital. ''It is only five days since the hotel opened its doors for the public but I get criticised a lot by men who don't like women leading,'' she said. 'I have always thought about doing something like this for the girls to feel comfortable,'' Manar said. Manar is among the Somali women from the diaspora who  returned to Mogadishu to invest in business after years living abroad. In 2016, she was among the people who established Posh hotel which is one of the leading five-star restaurants in the capital.

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