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"We are ready to face Gov forces  and we are aware they are in the process of surrounding us " Defected  SNA Colonel 

A Kaaraan based militia leader has told Radio Dalsan that they are preparing their fighters for a possible military operation by the Somalia govt forces.
"We are ready to face them and we are aware they are in the process of surrounding us right now," the leader said.
Multiple sources have told Dalsan that there is a military build-up near Karan and Yaqshid.
Last week police officers shot dead after a local militia led by defected SNA Colonel Mohammud Nur Masdile raided near Kaaran Police station area in the Somali capital Mogadishu.
Karaan district has in the last 2 weeks became militarised with a surge in activities by clan militia.

Somalia police and NISA  has been on a hunt for 3 SNA officers with strong military links in Kaaraan north Mogadishu.

Presidential candidate and former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud condemned the Karaan Police station attack say ing it is an indicator of a failing administration.
PRESIDENTIAL candidate Hassan Kheire says Somalia will degrade into total chaos and insecurity if contested issues in the upcoming elections are not dealt with.

He pointed out today's Kaaran police attack by local militia as a pointer that the country may be going back to chaos.


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