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Kenya to set up committee to resolve diplomatic spat with Somalia

Kenya to set up committee to resolve diplomatic spat with Somalia

The Kenyan government has said it will form a team to find a diplomatic solution between Kenya and Somalia, government spokesman Cyrus Oguna has said. Kenyan government spokesman Cyrus Oguna has said that Kenya has set up a commission to resolve the dispute with Somalia at a time when the federal government of Somalia has cut off all diplomatic relations with Kenya. The Kenyan government spokesman also said the two countries had "a close relationship in recent years" and that it was important to maintain that relationship. "Negotiations are underway to restore normal relations between the two countries," Oguna said. "There is a committee tasked with reviewing the issues between the two countries that share a long history." He added. The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has not yet received any official contact with Somalia over the severance of diplomatic ties. The ministry also said it could make a decision when it is formally notified. Minister of Information Osman Abukar Dubbe announced cutting ties with Kenya last night on a state-run tv hours after President Uhuru held talks with the leader of Somaliland Muse Bihi at State House. Last month, Somalia summoned its envoy to Kenya for ‘’consultations’’, accusing Nairobi of interfering with Mogadishu’s electoral process. Somalia’s Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Mohamed Ali Nur ordered Kenya’s top diplomat in Mogadishu Lucas Tumbo out of the country.  

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