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Opposition presidential contenders accuse Mogadishu mayor of
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Opposition presidential contenders accuse Mogadishu mayor of "war-inciting" threats

The Council of the Presidential Candidates Union strongly condemns the inflammatory and war-inciting remarks made by the Governor of Banadir Region, who is also the Mayor of Mogadishu, Mr Omar Mohamud Mohamed (Filish). The Council takes the Governor's threat seriously as a message from President Farmajo directed at members of the Presidential Candidates Union. It has become clear to the Council that the Government's leadership is perfecting Al-Shabaab's tactics of using religion to legitimize the spilling of the blood of the Somali people and are deliberately inciting violence, creating hatred and tension among communities, especially among the people of Banadir Region. The Council calls on the leadership of the Federal Government to refrain from inciting violence and actions that lead to hatred, and instead work to ensure that inclusive and agreed upon elections are held on time. The Council declares that President Farmajo will be held responsible for the consequences of his government's incitement to violence