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Somalia PM defends electoral commitees
Somali Elections

Somalia PM defends electoral commitees

Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble says the electoral teams now being fought by the opposition will deliver a credible election.

Speaking nin Baidoa on Tuesday, Roble said he was closely following the concerns expressed by the commissions about opposition candidates holding meetings in Mogadishu.

He also indicated that he was ready to sit down with the candidates, to convince them on his newly nominated election commttee.

The prime minister also added that he would hold separate consultations with opposition leaders to find a common solution.

He also stressed the importance of implementing the agreements reached on the elections, which he said were set up by the disputed commissions.

The presidential presedential contentenders of the upcoming elections have been gathering in Mogadishu.

They held a virtual meeting with the international  community and also with various stakeholders including elders, Islamic scholars, women and civil society groups.

On Tuesday the 14 political aspirants elected former president Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed as their chairman former finance minister, Hussein Abdi Halane picked as secretary, and Ridwan Hirsi, ex-deputy PM becomes their spokesman.

Previously they threatened to boycott the upcoming elections citing interference by the incumbent President Mohamed Farmaajo.

The federal government and the opposition are still at loggerheads over how to approach the next election, especially the formation of election commissions.

Somalia is preparing with for parliamentarian elections next and presidential elections in early 2021.


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