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Former Somali PM Khaire pitches presidential bid to Kenyan MPs.
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Former Somali PM Khaire pitches presidential bid to Kenyan MPs.

Somalia's ex-Prime Minister and Presidential hopeful Hassan Khaire continued his Kenyan tour meeting legislators from the Kenyan Somali community. ''I am honoured to have a consultative meeting with Somali parliamentarians and senators in Kenya today I thank them for the good support of the Somali people,'' former prime minister Hassan Ali Kheire tweeted. ''In the past, I have had constructive discussions with the Somali people I met in the capital and with the President of our brotherly Government of Djibouti, who has played and continues to play a major role in rebuilding our government,'' He reportedly asked them for a "hand" in his presidential bid, vowing to improve relations between Kenya and Somalia should he take power. "He stated that he had a raft of reforms to Somalia's economy which could be beneficial to both countries," said Kenyan legislator Falhada Iman.

Kenya Senator Falhada Deqow Iman appeared to have deleted the Facebook post few minutes after she posted that former Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire “asked Kenya to give him a hand” in becoming the next president of Somalia.

Senator Iman posted an apology saying the post didn’t capture what was discussed. The Former oil executive visited Djibouti and held talks with President Ismail Omar Guelleh shortly after he announced his candidacy for the presidency in the upcoming election in Mogadishu.

Mr Kheire is also reported to travel to Ethiopia after his visit from Kenya.

Khaire who was ousted in July after Somalia MPs argued he was impeding reforms, also pledged to find a "sustainable" solution to the Maritime boundary dispute between Kenya and Somalia.

The issue is currently before the International Court of Justice in the Hague..

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