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Somalia Marks 66th Anniversary of Its Blue Flag
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Somalia Marks 66th Anniversary of Its Blue Flag

Somalia is marked 66th anniversary on Monday since the great blue flag with white star at the centre was presented by own and accepted as the official and national flag of the Republic of Somalia. Hero Mohammed Awale Liban was the man behind the design of the blue Somali flag with a white star in October 1954 before it was hoisted as national flag across the country in 1st July 1960 bringing to an end to brutal colonization of Italian and British in Somali land. President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Monday congratulated the public on the 66th anniversary of the National Flag Day which is marked 12th October annually. “ Today is a great day, it comes 66 years after when the Somali Flag was founded, which stands for the unity, sovereignty and togetherness of Somali people who struggled long period in gaining their independence and ruling their country”, Mr. Farmajo said. The President called for the Somali People to unite for strengthening their government and fighting against the terrorist militant group of Al-Shabaab. The light blue colour stands for the sky while the white five-point star represents five Somali national scattered across Djibouti, Ogaden region Ethiopia, North Eastern Kenya, British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.

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