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NIEC registers five more political parties
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NIEC registers five more political parties

The National Independent and Election Commission (NIEC) has on Wednesday issued interim certificates to six (6) new parties that will be part of the provisional registered parties. The graduation ceremony of the new parties took place at the headquarters in Mogadishu today. The registered parties are: 1- The Security and Justice Party. 2- Qaransoor Party 3- The Justice and Reconciliation Party 4- The Somali Republic Party 5-Somali Green Party Mohamed Mohamud Hassan Sandhere, the Director of the Registrar's Office, gave a short speech at the opening of the ceremony, welcoming all new parties to the political arena and wishing them well in the upcoming elections. that the degree they are currently receiving is provisional, but that parties can only run in official elections. On the other hand, the party leaders who spoke at the event thanked the NIEC for their dedicated work during the preparation of the registration process.

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