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Somali police seize illicit Alcohol
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Somali police seize illicit Alcohol

Security forces in Puntland region have seized a vehicle carrying illicit alcohol on Wednesday. According to the police, they impounded the car with illicit alcohol which was in transit to Mogadishu with twenty bottles. ''Two men who were transporting the Alcohol run away from the vehicle and we have launched a manhunt,'' Karkaar governor Said Mohamed Fahiye asked the citizens to shun from the illicit business and urged them to report cases of individuals trading on other drugs like weeds. ''Anyone who is found engaging in this businesses will be dealt with according and will face the law,'' he said. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all parts of Somalia while the Puntland authority often reports seizure of drinks smuggled from Ethiopia where sale and consumption of alcohol is legal. On August this year, a regional court in Nugal sentenced a woman to five years in prison and a fine of $2000 for selling alcohol. Police have increased their fight against smugglers of illegal businesses such as alcohol, weeds and meth drugs and arrested numerous persons in the main towns of Puntland.

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