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Mogadishu Mayor lays into 'failures' for spending time on Tiktok, Smoking Tobacco
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Mogadishu Mayor lays into 'failures' for spending time on Tiktok, Smoking Tobacco

Mogadishu governor who also doubles up as Benadir governor Omar Mohamud Mohamed (Omar Filish) has now said most of the student in the capital Mogadishu failed their national exams for using tobacco and too much TikTok.
Speaking during a graduation ceremony at the Somali International university the Mogadishu mayor blamed the parents of not being aware of their children of using tobacco and TikTok.
"As you all know many students failed the national exams on the result released yesterday this is because they are busy with tobacco and TikTok and the parents have no idea what their children are doing,'' Mogadishu mayor said.
Ministry of education yesterday released secondary school national exams results with 90 per cent of the students from Mogadishu failing the exams.
In the result released by the ministry of education on Sunday, the top four students were from Gedo region of Jubaland Sayid Omar Abdirahman from Gedo region emerged the best secondary student in the country with 92.43%. while Abdullahi Isse Siyad from Gedo region emerged the second with 92% as Sahra Abdullahi Abukar also from Gedo region was in the third place with 91.93% followed by Abdirahman Yusuf Omar who scored 91.86% Abdinur Hussein Mohamed from 91.86%.
Five students shared from position Six to ten with all having 90%.
None of the 25,000 students from Mogadishu managed to appear in the top ten list of the best student.

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