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UK government donates more equipment to Somali National Army
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UK government donates more equipment to Somali National Army

The Somali National Army has received more boost in the fight against al-Shabaab after the UK government donated military vehicles to help hunt down terrorists. The equipment which includes tractor trucks, off-road vehicles among others will be used in the fight against the Somali militants affiliated to al-Qaeda. While receiving the donations, defence minister Hassan Ali Mohamed said the vehicles will be useful now as the SNA intensifies battle against Al-Shabab militants from key areas they still occupy. ''We thank the government of UK for with this force enablers and with this equipment, we can improve our operations and kick out Alshabab from the key areas they occupy," Minister Hassan said. A number of countries donated equipment to support the Somali military in the fight against Alshabab which is linked to AlQaeda fighting to topple the U.N backed fragile government. In August this year, the Turkish government which is a longtime ally of the horn of Africa nation donated 12 off-road vehicles and 12 armoured vehicles to the Somali military which was weakened by three decades of civil war.  

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