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Farmaajo says Impeachment Of Kheire Reflects Institutional
Somali News

Farmaajo says Impeachment Of Kheire Reflects Institutional "Independence "

The Presidency of the Federal Republic of Somalia


Th.e President Farmajo accepts vote of no confidence passed by Parliament.

MOGADISHU 25TH JULY 2020: The president of the republic of Somalia. H.E Mahamed Abdullihi Farmajo has today accepted the voice of no confidence, passed by the house of the people against the administration of prime minister Hassan Ali Kheire.

As part of his fulfilment of his constitutional mandate The. president farmjao has accepted the decision of the house of the people taking into consideration the independent and institutional constitutional authority of the house of the people The excellency president farmajo values and understood the significance of cooperation between all arms of government especially at this critical stage

:The rift between the government and legislature is undermining the progress that has been made and to that end i have decided to consider the decision of the house of representative as the foundation of nationhood: President farmajoo.

President farmajoo will shortly appoint a prime minister who will form a government that will lead the country through the transitional period and strengthen services delivery to the public.

the president wishes hasssan ali khere well and future endeavours and appreciate his hard work and contribution to the federal government of Somalia during his tenure of services and for his good cooperation-