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Eight  Daesh Militants Killed in Puntland
Somali News

Eight Daesh Militants Killed in Puntland

At least eight Daesh members have been killed and several others wounded by Puntland special forces on Tuesday Morning in Puntland. According to residents, Puntland special forces attacked a base belonging to Daesh members which led to a heavy fight and several mortar shells were fired during the fight that lasted for hours. The fighting took place at the Timirshe of Bay region which is under Puntland state. The forces also seized two trucks and explosives and are now under the custody of the forces. It is barely less than two months after a man believed to ISIS official driver was arrested in Puntland state a semi-autonomous northern state in Somalia. In 2018, fighting between IS-Somalia and Alshabab was reported in Somalia in Southern Somalia and parts of Puntland with Alshabab claiming victory but according to security forces, the groups did not fight.