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President Farmajo Scheduled to Travel to Dhusamareb
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President Farmajo Scheduled to Travel to Dhusamareb

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is set to travel to Dhusamareb, the regional administrative capital of Galmadug on Saturday with a delegation to join up with the regional leaders and those of the federal government to discuss issues of the upcoming elections and other key issues. “President Farmajo will arrive in Dhusamareb this afternoon to attend a meeting between the Heads of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Member States to discuss cooperation between the two levels of government and the upcoming national elections.” Villa Somalia said in a statement. The president's visit comes after regional state leaders said the country is not ready to hold one man one vote and called on a meeting with the federal government to seek a politically negotiated electoral model that will prevent term extension. On Tuesday Prime Minister Kheire accompanied by Mahad Abdalla Awad, the deputy speaker arrived in Dhusamareb for the regional meeting and warned against term extension. The chairperson of National Independent and Electoral Commission Halima Yarey also arrived in Dhusamareb on Thursday to take part in the conference. A Fortnite in the past Halima has ruled out the possibility of holding universal suffrage poll this year, urging that the earliest people can vote in the country is March 2021.

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